Ben from RD Minis with the third post detailing my Red Scorpions. The elites section is next on the list, check out more pictures after thejump.

Most of the Dreadnoughts have alternative weapon options painted up for different load outs, theres also an original Rogue trader era dreadnought along with a relic contemptor and MKIV Dreadnought from Forgeworld mixed in with the regular versions.

The weapon options on the centurion assault squad are magnetised for easy swapping.

As with the rest of my force I use drybrushed glow effects on weapons and other areas to add an accent colour to the force, there's also a blood effect on one created from all purpose glue mixed with blood for the blood god and nuln oil.

I use cut down flying stands on my jump pack troops to give the impression of flying which are drilled and pinned to the base and the model, theres also weight added to the underside of the base to avoid the models toppling over.

The sternguard have a wide variety of weapon options for different gaming options and a drop pod for transport.

The troops are up next, so stay tuned!