Ben from RD Minis again with the second part of the Red Scorpions. This time I thought I would bring you the Adeptus Mechanicus led by a Master of the Forge.

The red armour is a Khorne red base with a Nuln oil wash drybrushed with progressively brighter reds.

The Master of the Forge has several servo skulls mounted on cut down flying stands to give the impression that they're floating as well as a couple of extra ones added to the model.

I use drybrushing to create glow effects on weapons, engines and lights to create drama and to unify the force.

With the bike I converted it using elements from a techmarine with servo harness, a scout bike and Forgeworld parts amongst others.

For the Thunderfire cannon I decided to add a base constructed from two GW bike bases, I also added sculpted weapon effects to the barrels using green stuff.

I felt the Servitors could do with a drab workman like look to them so I gave them brown numbered overalls.

The entire force is weathered using sponged on chipping effects and Forgeworlds weathering powders for which I will provide guides at a later date.

Next up: Elites.