While I was varnishing the Fire Prism and assembling the Hornet, I found the time for a quick retouching of one of my older Ultramarine paint jobs. This time I chose a Rhino, which can be swapped for a Razorback as well. Check out more pictures and a before and after comparison after the jump.

I didn't change that much on the model. I removed the freehanded insignia and added the correct markings with transfers. Most prominent is the addition of the tactical arrow sign to the Rhino's hatch. I also refined a couple of highlights on the guns' metal parts and drilled the barrels.


The tank can either function as a transport to one of my tactical squad (squad V, as denoted on the Rhino's hatch) or swapped for a Razorback and transport my command squad (denoted by the skull). The gold circle with the number II marks this vehicle as part of the second company.


This is was the model used to look like. Back then I didn't add tactical insignia to my Ultramarines for more flexibility when gaming. However, as I haven't had a game in years, I was looking at all the models lacking the correct insignia in my display cabinet all the time. A while ago I decided to change that. There are still a couple of models to fix, and it's more of a backburner project, but steady dripping wears away the stone.

How do you like the changes?