Hey guys, my hobby has been a bit slow in the last couple of days, as I was on a trip to Oslo. Bueatiful city, horribly expensive though. But when you go there, make sure to visit Outland Oslo. It's a geek paradise. It's huge, and they've got everything - tabletop games, TCGs, fantasy and sci-fi novels, movies, LEGO, mangas, animes, replicas, board games, merchandise and probably every paperback comic there is. Brilliant.

Anyways, I started painting another Hornet. It's meant to form a squad with the first Hornet I painted a while ago. The first one was the first larger resin kit I worked with, as well as the first vehicle I painted for my Iybraesil army. I remember there was a steep lerning curve. Assembling and airbrushing the second one went much easier. Stay tuned.