Hi everyone, my name is Nick, although since the world of 40k appeared online in the heady days of GW Forums,  I have gone by the forum name of Haywiregrenade. (Long story, but briefly I used KrakGrenade, then HaywireGrenade as they were, at that time, the most useless bits of wargear you could buy your models). I have been an avid GW fan for around 30 years now, and as I head into the 4th decade of my existence, it shows no sign of letting up. I can't wait to start contributing to the infamous Tale of Painters and join the ranks of some very very talented artists.

As you will begin to see from my content, I am a big Forgeworld-aholic, and love the big kits and complex modelling projects and try and do justice with the air/paint brush. But however, I am not shy of the smaller regular infantry either with armies all across the 40k Universe, and a big entrance into the 30k one too as my forces loyal to the Emperor of Mankind do battle against those nasty heretics...

I am a regular attendee at Warhammer World Campaign events, loving the narrative setting of battles rather than just trying to win at a Throne of Skulls tournament event. As such I build and paint armies to take on campaign for the glory of the Emperor/Machine God/Avatar of Khaine/Khorne... *(delete as applicable!)

I reside in the west side suburbs of London, but grew up on the other side of the city as a genuine Essex boy (not too far from Garfy actually, as we first met ummm, 'online' before becoming regular gaming buddies at our local GW and battling at each others houses.

My first army and my original love of the game comes from the Space Vikings, the Sons of Russ, the mighty Space Wolves. I have done 3 armies over time, having sold a couple to fund an airbrush setup at one point but have yet to get a game under their newest codex still.

Since then I have dabbled - with large armies - of Iyanden Eldar, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Blood Angels, Imperial Navy, Imperial Knights, Titans, Mechanicum, Death Guard, Iron Warriors, World Eaters, Word Bearers, Harlequins, and soon to be adding Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii.

I love the Apocalypse format and have participated in many many games of it. Fielding nearly 25,000 points a side in one fond game lasting over 13 hours, with 20,000 points of that side belonging to me and my Iyanden.

So why am I here? Well when the recruitment drive kicked off from Stahly a while back, we were both interested tow work together on the ToP, but alas my photography was lacking a little. Since then, I've sorted that out, and have something big to share with you over the coming months.