I am honoured to join the Tale of Painters as a contributor, and what better fitting way to do so than with the largest GW/FW model going... I welcome you to the Warlord Titan!

This  is a YouTube video I made of the grand unveiling of the model, from first tape rip to last component showing what comes in the box. Are you ready for resin goodness?!

OK I apologise for the lack of awesomeness of the video up front! But trying to video an un-boxing of something of this magnitude is pretty difficult to light, and ensure you, the viewer, can actually see what you really want to see. So as such its done on my GoPro Hero 4 Black, clamped to the side of my daylight lamp arm, on my dining table.

Over the coming months (and I am under no illusion that it will be months as I have a demanding job to fit in around this) I'll be sharing photos and maybe more videos of progress of this mammoth project exclusively here at Tale of Painters. So watch this space for regular updates as he begins to take shape.
I know from experience that the Reaver took me around 3 months, as did the Warhound, so this could be a long long project!

The paint scheme will be that of the Legio Astorum - aka the "Warp Runners", following on from my existing Knights and Titans.