Today I present you my finished Death Company Dreadnought. It's probably my favourite Dreadnought design ever, and it was a lot of fun to paint. Check our more pictures after the jump.

This is the first model on which I used sponge-weathering. I actally had never used this technique before, can you believe it. It's really quick simple but looks pretty cool. How would you rate my first try?

Garfy has painted a Death Company Dreadnought a while ago. Most eye-catching of his paint job is definately the blue glow of the blood claws. I was wondering whether I should create a similar effect (though I would have gone for a purple glow), but in the end I went with plain silver claws (boo, boring). I felt there were already a lot of spot colours on the model, like the green and purple lenses and the yellow wires.

Next up for my Blood Angels is probably a Tartaros Terminator Squad.  But before I get to these, I'll probably rework another one of my Ultramarines squads and paint a Wraithlord.

How do you like the Dreadnought? Tell me in the comments.