Today Ican finally present you my finished Hornet for my Eldar warhost of Iybraesil. It's the second model in a squad of two. Check out more pictures after the jump, as well as a group shot of both Hornets.

I really love the design of the Hornet (nickname "the shrimp"). I think they look great right next to the other Eldar grav tanks.

As usually, I added some custom printed transfers that I designed by myself. The Hornet rune is an invention of my own, as there is no official rune in the Forge World books. It combines elements from the Vyper and Fire Prism rune.

The hull was basecoated with VGC Falcon Turquoise, shade with Temple Guard Blue and highlighted with two successive mixes of Falcon Turquoise and white. Finally I applied a highlight of an even lighter mix of Falcon Turquoise and white by brush. The gradient on the canopy was airbrushed, too.

And this is the whole squadron. Notice the runic patterns, that aren't only mirror-inverted but also have subtle differences. I imagine both pilots share a close relationship to each other, maybe they are lovers or siblings. If one gets shot down, they could become Wraithknight pilots (no, that doesn't mean I'm gonna paint a Wraithknight soon, lol).

How do you like my Hornets? Tell me in the comments!