Hey guys, today I thought I'd start a series of posts showing my very own Necron army that I have been painting up bit by bit. First up are 12 Necron Warriors along with 9 Canoptek Scarabs.

I have already painted 36 Warriors, but found it easier to show the 12 rather than trying to get 36 models into one photo. I'm really enjoying painting this army. I tend to work on them between other model projects in short burst's. So for example if I'm waiting for some Orks to dry, quickly get out the Necrons and start painting the eyes in. Then return to the Orks. For the colour scheme I went for the traditional Necron look, but also wanted them to have a dirtier moody look. For the metallic scheme I used GW Leadbelcher, Vallejo Oily Steel and Vallejo air Chrome. What do you guys think? What armies are you painting up?