Hey, Ben from RD Minis again with number five in the Red Scorpions showcase and the Fast attack section.

As with the Vanguard veterans in the Elites the Assault squads also have flying stands cut to size and drilled and pinned to give the impression of flying, as well as this I've used the same drybrushed glow effect on the jump packs and grav engines (on flyers etc) to create impact and tie them in with the weapons and lights on the other models.

With the Assault squad on foot I used legs from the actual assault squad kit and the more dynamic ones from Forgeworlds kits to give the look of a fast moving squad emerging from the Drop pod transport.

On the bikes I created a sand spray effect for some using clear plastic cut to shape and inserted into a notch on the underside of the back wheel, I then painted it with super glue in a spray pattern and covered with sand. They also have the chipping effects using sponging and dry brushed glow from the lights.

I gave the Stormtalons and Land speeders a soot streaked effect by brushing on Forgeworlds Black soot weathering powder mixed with a little water in lines of various sizes leading from front to back, then once dry I used a soft dry brush to blend the edges. I also swapped the transparent flying bases on the speeders for 60mm/dreadnought ones to further tie them in with the rest of the force

Next up the big guns, Heavy support.