Hi All, It's Ksusha here. I've got a tutorial video for Herald of Nurgle. It's probably my most thought through video to date. I really tried to make the steps logical and easy to follow, as well as the visuals and voice over in place. After all I'm far from pro at my editing. The tutorial covers a few useful techniques.

For example:
-Zenithal highlight to get all the shading dramatic and clear to enhance later
-Nurgle flesh with bleeding wounds
-How to paint a cloth using pigments
-And finally metalic on the arm
Those basics can help not only in painting nurgle, but other models too.
What do you think?

P.s. I know sometimes I get confused for TEN, so just to clarify. Chris and I are husband and wife, he paints for a living, whereas I have a day job. The video channel is completely my work, but of course all painting ideas are Chris's. I have background in art and can copy well how he paints under his guidance.
I've been very busy with other projects, so didn't make videos for a year. I've been asked many times for tutorials, so I will try to do a few soon : )