Hi all, following on from my inaugural post with the video of the unboxing of the Warlord Titan, its time to take a look at the many parts of the kit. So after the jump, lets take a look at the monstrosity that is the biggest model FW have ever done!

Starting with the head, we have a number of parts as well as a standing Princeps, a seated Princeps and 2 seated Moderatii models. Also included in this Mars Pattern head are 2 heraldic shields. FW have stated there will be alternate heads, and one was on show at the WHW (Re) Open Day which is going to be a WHW exclusive only head.

The Warlord comes with 2 Belicosa Pattern Volcano Cannons, the only options at the launch of the model for the arm slots. The rules show a number of options and I am sure FW will be working on getting those to production soon enough.

The other primary weapons are the Laser Destroyer arrays mounted to the carapace. Again these are the only options available on release, and further options will be available. FW had on display a single pre-production Apocalyptic missile pod option at the open day. These weapons will be sold in pairs.

The Legs, when assembled, tower over a Cerastus Knight alone. They are huge slabs of resin and fully articulated joins. Each toe is the size of a Terminator!

Finally the upper torso, a giant lump of resin made up of many large parts. Getting these to fit flush could be a challenge but I am sure with some hot water, some clamps, pins, green stuff and glue, all will be fine!

This all arrived in a couple of very large boxes with some pretty artwork!

So lets take a look at the certificate and instructions while we are here.

As you can see my Warlord is number 27 off the production line. The quality of the paper is quite good quality actually, and one day maybe I'll get round to framing each of my Titan ones!

Now talking of quality lets take a view through the new type of FW instructions provided with the model. 

Lavish new digital instructions rather than the old photocopied nightmares we are used to from Forgeworld, so great to see this new format included in the Warlord kit. I hope this is the future for them.