With my hobby muse in full flow, I finish a 5 model batch paint to complete my Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad. After the jump a close up of the 5 marines I just painted. 

It's funny how you go through phases in the hobby. A few years ago I would have said, "right no more marines for me. All I ever paint is marines!" But recently something's changed. Waiting these Dark Angels recently has been awesome. I think I can pin point what's changed. I believe it's the 32mm bases coupled with the official unbound rules. Firstly, 32mm bases just look cool. It's that simple. Secondly the unbound army list has given me a reason to finish painting all the different marines from all my different boxed games.

I might be falling in love with painting dark green armour. 

Painting models from different factions for a single unified force is a great way to compare armies. I painted the Blood Angels from Deathstorm and it was fun, but these Dark Angels were so much better to paint. Personally I preferred painting Caliban's mysterious warrior monks over the Blood Thirsty Artisans.

How about you? Are you bored of painting your army? Do you need to add an exciting ally to spice things up? Maybe you hate the idea of allies (Blood Angels and Necrons anyone?)