Hello everyone, my name is Jamie Hudson and I'm pleased to be back for my second post on Tale of Painters and this time I have the might of the Adeptus Mechanicus with me! More after the jump.

I made a promise to myself earlier this year that I would not buy any more models till my backlog was painted. Then along came the Skitarii closely followed by the Cult Mechanicus and any delusions I had of sticking to this plan quickly faded and I found myself in possession of a new collection of models, oops.

When starting a new army I like to research all the different variations of paint schemes that I can find. Being a new force at the time there wasn't really much out there to see and as I painted my Imperial Knight as part of House Raven the obvious choice should of been to go with Forge World Metalica. But after seeing that Metalica's main colour is white I quickly swore allegiance to Mars as the idea of painting a whole army that colour is a real challenge and I'm just not that brave. (White Scar players I salute you!)

With Mars decided upon I had a lot of reference material as this is also how GW paint their main studio army. My colour scheme is very close to how they paint their's except I've chosen against the cream colour they use on the vehicles and stuck with either Khorne Red or metallics. This could be considered lazy or lacking imagination but I look at the models on the website and say "I want that" and then try to replicate it with a few changes here and there.

I think the range of models is excellent and am really enjoying painting them, I do wish it was just one Codex rather than two as I rarely play a game without taking bits from both but hopefully this will change in future releases. I've still got a lot more Mechanicus models to paint with plans to add more but not until what I have is finished, and this time I almost mean it.

How do you like my Mechanicus collection? Tell me in the comments!