How are you doing ToP readers? It’s Uruk again with another part of my World Eaters army showcase. Today we’ll take a look at some of my all-time favourite Khorne models – the Blood Slaughterers. Jump in!

There’s quite a lot of models I managed to complete since my last showcase, but I knew right away what I wanted to get back with - the Blood Slaughterers of Khorne. Those models made by Forge World are some of my absolute favourites, simply thanks to their absolutely brutal looks and fun rules. Those six-legged nightmares were on my wish list long enough, and I completed all three within a single week! That’s quite an achievement for me since I often spend way more time even on a single miniature (I’m looking at you Angron, but that’s another showcase to come).

What I don’t like are models without bases (like Defiler for example) but luckily I found that the oval flyer base fits the Blood Slaughterers just perfect, so I modeled each one of them on one and I’m really happy with the effect. The models are of usual Forge World quality, with lots of posing options and fantastic, sharp details. Now I only need a Brass Scorpion, and my multi-legged machine unit is complete!

Thanks for looking, as always I hope you like the models and hope to hear any comments and critiques. Also, let me know what would you rather see in my next showcase – a tide of Khorne daemons, or more World Eaters HQs, starring the Red Angel himself!