A quick break from my Army of the Imperium project to finish another unit from Dark Vengeance. Close ups after the jump.

I've been putting this squad off for ages. The detail of these models is astounding, it's so cool to get such amazing sculpts in a starter set but boy are they hard to paint! So after I finished the first ten cultists it really put me off painting anymore. However I am determined to finish Dark Vengeance so I manned up and tackled this squad. Thing is, as soon as I got into it I really started to enjoy painting these! I knocked this batch paint out in around a week. Amazing.

Apart from the unit champions, every cultist has a duplicate in the Dark Vengeance boxset. So I decided I'd do some weapon swaps and flip the paint schemes around so they look a little different. 

I have another 15 of these cultist models from the Execution Force boxed game to paint still. I'm feeling a bit better about it now I enjoyed these so much. 

So what's everyone else working on at the moment?