I seem to be a on a roll recently with my Army of the Imperium, I just have a Librarian and Chaplain left to do and I would have completed both Dark Vengeance and Deathstorm boxed games. Adding those to my Grey Knight Army and my Hawkshroud Imperial Knight and my rag-tag collection is growing nicely. more pictures of this brooding Company Master after the jump. 

So much blending on this figure. In an age where we're spoilt by gorgeously painted airbrush armies, I think there is something quite charming about going back to the brush and lavishing detail on a model and blending by hand. I'm no Golden Demon expert, but I relish the challenge and appreciate the skill the likes of Ben Comets and Darren Latham display.

As I write this, I'm assembling some Chaos Cultists from Assassinorium: Execution Force. I'm not sure what I want to paint next so I thought I'd get that box set ready to paint. Stay tuned.