Hey guys, it's Uruk! Today I bring you another part of my ever growing Khorne force. As I already showcased most of the Chaos Marine part of the army, it’s time I let the daemons get some love as well. See you inside.

You might’ve seen my Khorne Daemon Prince in one of the earlier showcases already (it’s worth noting that I actually repainted it some time ago to match the warp-forged armor color with the Skull Cannon and Juggernauts iron hides – more on that in the future) and today I’ll go through the rest of it.

For starters – lesser daemons of Khorne – Bloodletters. I’m a huge fan of OOP models (can’t say that enough) so naturally I had to grab at least one set of the older, axe-wielding musclegoats (absolutely love those designs).

Moreover, I’m also trying to complete another cohort, this time made of the current sculpts, which picture the actual tabletop statistics better. I converted a Bloodreaper and made 3 regular Bloodletters so far.


Next up, the fast attack. Easily the best Khorne daemon unit in the game, and amazing modelwise as well – the Flesh Hounds. I’m currently struggling to finish up 24 of those ( only 4 remaining!). The hounds don’t really offer much conversion possibilities, but there’s enough different heads, legs and torsos to minimize any clone risk.

Lastly for today, the newest (beside the Bloodthirster) Khorne daemon toy, Skull Cannon. This thing is EXTREMELY detailed and sucked up way more time to paint than I ever expected it could. Still, I had a blast both painting it and later using it in game, as it packs a nice punch both in the shooting and assault phase.

As for my future plans regarding the daemon part of my World Eaters force, I still have a unit of Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds to finish, a Herald on Juggernaut to convert, and lastly the new Bloodthirster laying in a plastic bag, waiting to be assembled (and hopefully magnetized).

That’s it for this time, as always I hope you like them and thanks so much for your comments! See you next time.