Hey all, and what a weekend it's been with the new arrival of the Age of Sigmar. I have not had a chance as yet to play but have had a good look over the rules and Warscrolls for a few of the armies. Personally I think it looks different, interesting and I'm looking forward to playing a few games. Anyway onto today's post which is the finished Krull model by Mierce miniatures.

This one did take far longer to paint than I originally expected, but I like the end results. The model originally came with a round base, but we decided to make a custom square one to fit the model. The model was a lot of fun to paint, however my main concern was that due to the amount of detail and parts sticking out such as the wings,horns, body tusks, and skewer it did make getting to detail somewhat difficult at times. Other than that I enjoyed this guy a lot as I have done with all Mierce miniatures. So big question, how have you guys playing Age of Sigmar so far?, and will yo be picking up the box set this weekend?