This completed squad of Ravenwing Bikers join the ranks of my Army of the Imperium Project. It's also another step closer to completing the the Dark Vengeance Boxed Game. After the jump you can see some individual close ups.

Ravenwing Bike Sergeant armed with Chainsword.

Ravenwing Biker armed with Plasma Gun. 

Ravenwing Biker armed with Bolt Pistol.

Complete and detailed photo tutorial for this scheme can be found here

Is anyone else distracted by Age of Sigmar? I am. I pretty much disagree with all of Stahly's concerns in his review. I love a boxed game! I was never going to buy Assassinorium Execution Force but I ended up buying it (collect both factions, so all minis are usable, it made sense). 

Age of Sigmar is another one of these games. It is awesome. The models look amazing. I loved painting the Stormcast Eternal Liberator model... but... I hate the feeling of drowning in work. I can't paint all these models quick enough. So, I'm putting Age of Sigmar on hold until I can sort out the backlog. Painting Dark Vengeance and Assassinorium  is basically me working on my Black Legion and Army of the Imperium projects, completing those two box sets by the end of the year could free me up to start Age of Sigmar. Will I stick to the plan? Or will I crumble and buy it in the next couple of days like I always do!