After I've reworked the Command Squad of my Ultramarines collection, of course I had to rework their Captain, too. Check out more pictures after the jump.

I think this model is one of the best Space Marine character sculpts. Back then when it was released in the 5th edition starter set "Assault on Black Reach", I felt the design was revolutionary. It was the first Space Marine model with a cape draped over the shoulders, which adds a lot of bulkyness to model and makes it really stand out as a leader. I also love how the banner and the robes share the same flow. It's no surprise the recently released plastic Space Marine Captain draws a lot of inspiration from this sculpt and shares the same pose.

Above you can see the Captain amongst his squad. Below is a picture of what the model looked like before. Most obvious is the change of the banner design from ochre to yellow, in order to compliment the company banner. Apart from improved highlights and static grass, I also changed and added a couple of details, such as the white skull in the banner top. I wanted to add a couple more white spots to the Command Squad so that the white armour of the Apothecary blends in better. I also added a yellow stripe to the right shoulder pad, which is the typical heraldry of a Captain of the 2nd company.

What do you think?