So, after painting a Wraithlord, I'm up to a small squad of five Dire Avengers. Eventually there will be another five models to bring the squad to full strength, but for now I'll stick to five for a quick and easy project. The sculpts really show their age, as the details on the legs and arms isn't that well defined and accuracy of fit isn't great either.

However, I still enjoy painting them so far, as I have a quite cool paint scheme in mind. I love how Aspect Warriors allow you to step away from your regular craftworld paint scheme and try something new. The armour will be dark blue, with sashes and ribbons in my trademark Iybraesil turquoise. The crests will be striped in yellow and turquoise, maybe even some magenta for the Exarch. I'm looking forward to see how they will turn out. Do you as well?