How cool is this, Stahly posts his awesome Chaplain yesterday and I finish mine! If we can get a couple more Chaplains on the blog we should call this Chaplain week! More pics after the jump including my Chaplain group shot.

These pics are quite large and you can see I've tried my best to pick out every single detail on the model. 

I love the 32mm bases for Space Marines. Not only does it give you a bit more base to decorate it actually has practical applications in this case stability. 

I'm really pleased with the addition of red to this model. Red and pink are spot colours I'm using accross the Army of the Imperium to tie all the units together. So weapons and purity seals, handles and ropes etc will all match. As you can see from the two models on the left below that belong to my Army of the Imperium. 

This group shot is cool. The two Ultramarine Chaplains won't be part of my Army of the Imperium, my Ultras were painted a while ago and I don't want to have to rebase to 32mm and repaint to match in. The model on the right is a conversion from a spare Space Hulk lightning claw Terminator. 

Hope you enjoyed the post. have you been inspired to paint something after you've seen it on the blog here?