Greetings everyone. Tripwire here with my second installment featuring the elites of Hive Fleet; Unending Maw.

Plenty of choices for the elite slot in the codex, and while all of them aren't as useful as they should be, Venomthropes are a must have!

These models are actually the most recent addition to my hive. I completed the new plastic kit to replace my fragile finecast thropes, and am very pleased with the result. The models are simple to assemble, and have a great look.

I also built a Neurothrope from the kit. While I can't run it as a Neurothrope unless I finish the two Zoanthropes sitting on my work bench, I couldn't pass up building and painting the extended spine and more elaborate head carapace! Another great upgrade from the dated finecast model.

The Haruspex is a gorgeous model. Nevermind that it's not the greatest on the table, the kit itself is a joy to build and paint. The design of the creature is a nightmarish blend of Gieger and Lovecraft. I'm fortunate enough to have been featured on the official GW blog a few times, and this is one of the models that got me noticed. I'd like to think that it's the slimy looking, meticulous blending detail I've added to the mouth that got the model posted on the blog, but it's probably the fact that I went to the trouble of modeling a hapless Marine Sgt. fighting for his life, connected via hidden magnet to the tip of the Haruspex's tongue.

That covers the elite slots for Hive Fleet; Unending Maw. Next post we'll cover the many monstrous creatures that make up the heavy slots.