Hi everyone, it's tripwire with a final look at my Hive Fleet; Unending Maw. This post we'll cover my HQ units.

This Tervigon was the first monstrous creature I ever created, and despite its changes for the worse in the most recent codex, for the better part of 5th and 6th edition, this was my go-to HQ unit. I really love the design of the creature, and the incubation sack is the perfect blend of fascinating and disgusting! It was a pleasure to assemble and paint. I'm not crazy about the joint at the neck, but the model is magnetized to be a Tyrannofex - you take the good with the bad.

I created this Tyranid Prime based a pose I found online. I thought the inclusion of the extra set of scything talons and the pose gave it a unique appearance. Sadly, with the changes to the talons in the latest book, it's not as effective as it once was.

This Flying Hive Tyrant is one of my favorite models in the entire line. The kit comes with some great options for biomorphs, and can be walking or flying - the possibilities for customization here are great fun. In this case, inspired by an old issue of White Dwarf, I used the Fleshborer Hives from the Tyrannofex kit as a stand in for the twin linked devourers.

I added a spore node and a ripper to the base for a little character. While I think it's neat that the tail acts as the flying stand, I do wish that the model was suspended off the base completely, like most flying creatures.

Using some torso bits I purchased on ebay, I was also able to make the Swarmlord from the same kit as the Flyrant. I know that the Flyrant is a "must take" in an army, but I just can't pass up the "walking blender". He's not as powerful as he once was (sensing a theme in this codex...) but there's no denying that he's one of the games toughest close combat opponents.

I blended the color on the back of the sabres by hand, and it took over an hour for each blade. Now that I use an airbrush, I can do that in 30 seconds...

In order to make his foot slog into combat more survivable, I added a set of the new Tyrant Guard. I opted to leave off the ridiculous "football pad" shoulder blades, and instead used some additional armor from the warrior kit. I've magnetized the arms to allow for either the crushing claws or bone swords and lashwhips.

That finishes our look at my Hive Fleet; Unending Maw. I hope that the models have inspired you to grow your own fleet, and spread its tendrils across the galaxy!