Hi everyone, it's FruitBear. It's been a while since my last poste. I know I've said I will have some Ork Shoota boys up here but other projects have gotten in the way, especially this one. This Raven Guard Squad took me quite a long time to finish since I did only 5 marines and finished the other 5 a significantly long time after.

I've always dreaded panting black because mistakes show up very clearly, but loved the background of the Raven Guard from the Horus Heresy novels and the Hunt For Voldorius novel so I decided to do paint them. After seeing Sigur's Raven Guard posts, it really encouraged me to get back into finishing my squad so here are the results.

I wished to paint my Raven Guard in the colours of the 3rd Company as I eventually wanted to paint a Captain Shrike miniature so I started of with this squad making them the 3rd squad of the 3rd company.

I am particularly proud of this combat squad as I've tried my best to be quite clean with the highlights. The base coat is Abaddon Black with successive highlights of Eshin Grey and Dawnstone. The colour scheme and paints used in the other elements are very similar to the colour scheme used in the last edition of Codex Space Marines as you can see in the weapons as well.

I really enjoyed converting and painting this sergeant. I wanted to have a few avian skull motifs that are often associated with the Raven Guard on him so I sculpted them myself. If you notice there is an avian skull on the chest and bellow the left knee. I also modified a normal MKVI helmet, scraping the parts necessary to make it look like the beaked ones from Forgeworld. The Banner is also from the old Tactical Space Marines Kit but I really wished to paint it to resemble the banners of the new Tactical Space Marines therefore the banner is all freehand except the transfer used for the Raven Guard icon.

I painted the last 5 marines just recently to be displayed at my local GW and I kinda cheated a little with the highlights. Instead of using Eshin Grey I just did a one stage highlight of Dawnstone. But I think the results turned out quite well.

I'm really happy to finally see a 10 man Tactical Squad finished eventually. I'm sure more will come in the future as I don't intend to just stop with one squad. May be some assault marines next! Who knows. But in saying that My Ork shoota Boyz should be finished soon so they will be my next post up here.

Thanks everyone!
- FruitBear