Hey guys, now for something completely different. For a while, I had the idea of creating a display board, a backdrop to take cool pictures and army shots like they do it in White Dwarf. This weekend, I finally made a trip to a DIY store and bought the necessary materials. Find out more after the jump.

So I bought a 12 mm MDF board, 120 x 60 cm (about 24 x 48 inches), filler, and a couple of large cheap brushes. I'm gonna use the filler to texturise the board, as explained in this video by TheTerrainTutor:

The board will be pretty simple. An urban style in dark grey with brown static grass, to match the bases of my Ultramarines and Blood Angels. I want to start quick and easy, so the whole project won't take too much time away from painting models.

For this reason, I'm gonna buy pre-made Battlefield in a Box terrain from Gale Force 9, noticably the Gothic Craters and the Blasted Terrace. The gothic range from Gale Force 9 is pretty nice, such a bummer that most pieces aren't available in any more.

Picture courtesy: Gale Force 9 (taken without permission)

Maybe I'll expand the available terrain later, but first I want to see how far those pieces will take me. For the background, I thought of a "matte painting" piece of artwork, printed by an online poster printing service. The whole setup will be pretty similar to the Age of Sigmar display you can see in GW stores, check out the picture below. Actually, the Age of Sigmar display was the final piece of inspiration I needed to start this project.

Picture courtesy: Warhammer Tottenham Court (taken without permission)

So yeah, it's the first time I'll work on a terrain project apart from some humble attempts in my teenager years. I'm curious to see how it will turn out (and how the final pictures with models will look like). But first I have to finish my squad of Dire Avengers. And no, don't ask me about Armies on Parade or building a whole board. For now, this will only be a display board and backdrop ;)

What do you think? Any advice from some terrain building expert?