Update on my display board! I've added the texture and basecoated the board with cheap black acrylic paint from an arts and crafts store. To create a more interesting surface, I mixed some grey and brown into the black and added irregular patterns. Next up will be the dry brushing and flocking. See how the board looked like before I painted it after the jump.

This is the board before I added the paint. I stippled on three coats of filler as described in TheTerrainTutor's video. Unfortunately, the board warped a bit with all the filler and paint. Thankfully I was able to bend it back in shape. But I guess 12 mm MDF isn't thick enough to absorb all the wetness of the filler and paint. Or I should have sealed it better, I guess it would have been better to use thinned PVA glue or latex paint to prime the board instead of thinned filler, as filler is permeable to moisture. Well, I'll know it better next time!

Do you have some advice for the best material to use for gaming tables and display board?