Apologies for the large gap in progress. I just passed my 40th year and celebrated in huge style in Las Vegas. Then work has been mad since I got back... So anyway, since I recorded video number 2 for your viewing pleasure there has been a little further advances on this assembly project.

The main torso is now assembled as can be seen in the following picture. Clamps used quite a lot to hold the box square as possible and to minimise the gaps between parts. More WIP shots can be seen after the jump.

So I had to work on making the weapons interchangeable. This was a simple process on the Reaver and Warhound Titans, but on the Warlord, this is more challenging.

As you can see from the below pictures, there is a C type receiver on the weapon arm mount for the Volcano cannon to slot into. Each new weapon released from FW will be the same mount so to make them changeable while being usable in the first place is tricky.

The solution is simple really, but required some forward planning. I ordered some brass tube 3.5mm and some brass rod 3mm which fits inside the tube. I drilled out the centre of the weapon mounting and also the parts of the C bracket, cut and glued in place the brass tube. Then creating a pin from the rod, made that slide in and hold the weapon. Added to that, a single pin will be fixed in place to stop the rotation around that axis and the weapon "droop effect". That will be explained more in the next update!

In order to get to the pin to make it removable, the side armour places required magnetising.

Ok this does fix the weapons pointing in one direction only, which is not a big deal really. But it does allow me to change the guns out when FW release some new goodies!

The carapace weapons are far easier to deal with, and a magnet just secures them a little better.

Since this stage was received, I realised that time was running out for my campaign weekend in 3 weeks time! So I had to down tools and finish of a Knight "Inquisitor" in readiness to ensure that I was fully ready to attend with a 5 Knight 2000 point list. Who needs friends right? Haha!

More to follow as always. Feel free to comment below.