Hey guys, today I thought I'd show an old Khorne Great Brass Scorpion that I worked on way back in 2012.

Back then I was really heavily influenced by the Forge World Imperial Armour painting books. I still really love these two books and I would really like Forge World to release a third book, which I'm sure will at some point.  For the Scorpion I copied a painting guide for it from the second book. The paints used are mainly Tamiya, something which at the time was completely alien to me as I mainly only ever used GW and Vallejo paint. Tamiya paints have a really nice quality about them, especially when using them via a airbrush. I also put some other photos below of some Khorne models that I painted around that time. What do you guys think of Tamiya paints ? And have any of you given the Forge World painting books a look?