Commission painting is a fun job as you get to paint a large amount of random models and be your own boss, however one thing that it tough is that you have little time to paint your own models.

I started trying to assemble my own little Necron army earlier this year with the aim that I could start playing 40K. Yes you heard me, I've never really actually played as yet. I have had a few games with my wife, but other than that nothing serious. To put it bluntly, I really want to start gaming on a regular basis. I chose Necrons as I have always liked painting them when I have done so for customers. They are relatively quick to paint and I like the idea of having a Terminator sort of army. Rule wise I have heard they are also quite easy to play. So hopefully when the army is finished I can go and have fun. What do you guys think? Are Necrons a good starter army?