Hi everyone, FruitBear here! I guess this post is different this time from my previous Warhammer 40K ones. Here are some Vampire Counts skeleton warriors from Warhammer Age of Sigmar. I've pretty much jumped on the Age of Sigmar wagon and fully embracing it but I know there are others who have the total opposite view from me but regardless, I reckon the round bases look a treat and I hope you like them! These skeleton warriors are just 1/8 of the number of skeleton warriors I have. Whilst I'm typing this post I'm in the midst of finishing another 10 skeleton warriors with a champion, standard bearer and horn blower.

For these skeleton warriors and the other Vampire Counts models after these guy I really wanted to try one spot color and that's GW Hawk Turquoise. Over the years I've really grown fond of this color and have used it as a shade when painting my Orks to great affect. As you can see the cloth on the skeleton warriors all use this color with the exception of the belts. I painted some of the shields black and highlight the detail with dawnstone then glaze with Hawk Turquoise as well.

Hope you guys like these skeleton warriors as I can foresee there will be many more. I need to really pace myself to get through 80 Skeleton Warriors. But there are other Vampire Counts projects waiting to get started too so there will be some variety so wish me the best of luck!

For my next post I'll be focusing on some other Vampire Counts models I painted in the past on square bases. I painted these just out of interest or just as experimental once off models for my local Games Workshop painting competitions.

Until then, take care and be well!
Thanks everyone!
- FruitBear