In my last showcase post I raised the questions of what to paint next. Painting a Wave Serpent for my Dire Avengers would have made sense as it would somehow complete the unit. I've already painted so many Eldar vehicles for my Iybraesil collection, so I felt it would be good to add some infantry instead. Also I was craving to paint some Fire Dragons, as I had a really bright orange paint scheme in mind that I wanted to try out.

So far, I've basecoated the models with old Fiery Orange, the brightest and most vibrant orange I could find. Also check out the female Fire Dragon. I've sculpted the chest with greens stuff. Actually I wanted to make more female models (as the background for Iybraesil suggests a wealth of Banshee shrines and female warriors in general). But it turned out that it's really hard to sculpt perfectly symmetrical boobs, so I couldn't be bothered after the first model. But one female warrior is better than none, right?