Blood runs. Anger rises. Death wakes. War calls. I've finished the lower half of the model, and by Asuryan, there are a lot of gems on this model. Nevertheless, it's tremendous fun to paint. I'm now working on the upper half. I feel the combination of magenta and turquoise is very Eldar (and also a bit of glam rock). What do you think?

I've finished the torso section of my Venerable Dreadnought which now glows with the light of the Emperor. The glowing blue lights are a bit much when viewed on it's own but looks quite good when it's with the rest of the army which is armed with blue plasma weaponry and blue power weapons. Hope to finish this model this week. 

Of course the Avatar wasn't going to stay pink, that was just the base colour. I was just trolling ;) I didn't want to paint the body like lava like you see it most of the time. Instead I went for a magenta glow as if the Avatar is burning with eldritch psychic energy. Magenta is also the spot colour I use for Witchblades and gems in my Iybraesil army, so it will compliment my army nicely.

The body was basecoated with VGC Squid Pink, thinned P3 Carnal Pink was then washed around the chest area and mouth. Then I layered Emperors' Children, Wazdakka Red, Khorne Red, P3 Sanguine Base, P3 Sanguine Base with a little bit of black, and pure Abaddon Black. The more far away I moved from the chest, the darker I got. I'm quite happy with the effect, what do you think?

I have always been fascinated by the forces loyal to the Machine god, from early imagery right up to the fairly recent Mechanicum book in the Heresy series. When GW announced they were doing the Skitarii and Mechanicum Codex books for the 40k universe, I had to jump in. Both limited Ed special edition codexes were soon ordered (in fact I recall I was in Jamaica of the first one and avidly checking the time zone difference to the 7pm Friday night pre-order slot!)

This Venerable Dreadnought is from my 2011 Space Marine Megaforce. I really want to try and make a dent in this set because it's been hanging around for so long. I plan on cannibalising the tactical marines inside the set using my extensive bitz box and chapter specific upgrade sprues. It should mean I can create some good units for my Armies of the Imperium project like my Blood Angel Assault Marines I recently finished. Watch this space. 

Hey guys, the buildings for my display board are finished, so I went back at painting Eldar. Next up is a Forge World Avatar, and damn, he's a gorgeous sculpt. I love this model since it was released and I'm happy to finally add one to my collection. It's also a very fragile model, I managed to snap off the ear ring, several hair strands, the fin on the shoulder and a finger, just by toppling the model over. I was able to repair everything but the ear ring. Sad face.

Painting-wise, I thought of doing something different than the usual lava paint scheme. So I went for something... pink. What do you think? :D

Hi everyone, it's Fruitbear! Here are the Vampire Counts models I've painted in the past either because I really liked the models or just for my local Games Workshop monthly painting competitions. I've actually thought about re basing the models then decided against it as they are memories of my painting progression in recent years so here they are and here they shall stay... on the square bases. In these models you will probably see some hints of me starting to use Hawk Turquoise which eventually led me to using them as the spot colour itself for my Skeleton Warriors in my previous post. Hope you all enjoy the models!

This will be a 4 part showcase of my Iyanden Eldar. They are showing their age, with regard to the paint scheme, and my techniques, but these go back a few years now! Also a little bit of minor damage from excessive game play is showing. Note that this set does not include the 30 Avengers which are missing in action right now... haha :D

Part 1 of the showcase covers all the "yellow" infantry / foot based models in the collection, so without further ado... enjoy!

As I mentioned before, I want to add some terrain pieces to my display board. I've bought Promethium Relay Pipes and a Manufactorum. By now I've started painting the pipes, which will also serve as test pieces for the paint scheme I have in mind for the buildings.

I wanted to go for a dark, muted red with a metallic sheen. I've picked out some details with dark grey and brass, but didn't paint every detail in the same way that I would have painted a miniature. It's just terrain after all, it shouldn't steal the show from my paint jobs. Plus I want to get these pieces ready as fast as possible, so I can go back to painting actual models. I can always add more details later.

What do you think? Would you like to see a tutorial for this paint scheme?

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