Hi All! I'm just back from my holiday, where I have been lucky to visit the Armor Corps Museum with a collection of over 200 armored vehicles dating back from WW2 to nowadays. It was a real treat to see how real tanks look: their design as well as their textures and painting.

Some of the vehicles did remind me a lot of GW tank models as well as a lot of the Forge World  tanks.  And not only in design, but also how they are painted and how they have aged: it seemed to me that I was seeing the big version of the vehicled from the Forge World Imperial Armour painting books.

Most of the tanks were one colour: sandy, green, grey or white. Nevertheless there were a few painted in camouflage pattern. It was done quite crude and imperfect and seemed to be applied by spaying. In fact even the one tone painted ones seemed rather patchy, and on some tanks the paint used was quite thin and runny, you could even see where it was running down the skirt of the vehicle.

There was a lot of interesting texture. I noticed that some tanks had rocky textured concrete applied on the surface. I am guessing it's for camouflage purposes, as well as to strengthen the vehicle. And since most of the tanks on display were old, there was a lot of rust, corrosion and paint chipping, which in some way suited them and made them look tougher.

There was not a single "off the factory conveyor" tank in sight, they all have been involved in the warfare and looked the part.

Before I thought I was making my painted vehicles look battle damaged, but now I see there is definitely a room for improvement. I think I'll be refering to those images for a long time when painting GW vehicles. What do you guys think?