Uruk here. This year marks both my first visit in the only Games Workshop store in Poland (GW Warsaw) and my first participation in the Armies on Parade contest. I had a total blast! See why after the jump.

There was a total of 13 participants in the AoP and the competition was really good. All the employees agreed it was the best contest to date, in terms of both the number of participants and level of modelling.



Among regular display boards there was a great looking Warhound Titan, fully magnetized and painted, with a nice scenic base. There was also a Smaug, which looks just enormous IRL and definitely catches the eye. Real shame its paintjob was very basic.

I built a display board fitting the theme of my miniatures' bases - a ruined imperial city, slowly consumed by the regrowing nature and filled with bodies and all kinds of wrecked wargear (including almost a whole Defiler!). I also added a weird, blood pumping sewer pipe which adds not only another level of detail, but also fits the Khorne theme really well. All that, comibined with great stage presence of my Lord of Skulls helped me win the contest and grab the gold medal. I'm really proud of it, even more so because GW Warsaw is the only store in the country.

Silver went to a huge Brettonian castle, filled to the brim with details such as freehanded banners, bats sleeping inside the tower and so much more. It was definitely a feast for eyes.

Bronze was won by a very classic Warhammer Fantasy styled Wood Elf army, beautifully painted and modeled in a colorful forest. The owner even added a little, hand-made book containing his own fluff for the army.

My personal favourites were the Eldar and Necrons – both great painted and presented (Necrons could have used some more terrain modelled on that Citadel board tile, but at least it was nicely painted). There was also a beautiful Blood Angels force which unfortunately didn't have any display board under it. Real bummer.

That's all folks, let me know what you thinkingg! Did you participate in your local GW's AoP?