Update, update, update! Banzai1000 here. I am happy to present you my finished board for this year "Armies on Parade" competition. Take the jump and find out...

This my Display Board. All parts of the Aegis Line are fixed, except the antennas, the AA.guns and the Plasma tower to have more options. Instead of the Plasma gun i can also place a Void Shield Generator, a Landing pad or simply an Imperial Knight. I used "The Fang" washed with "Agrax Earthshade", highlighted with "Russ Grey", "Fenris Grey" and "Ulthuan Grey". I also used some FW Weathering Powder ("Aged Rust"). I think the red tones of the Mechanicus army will make a good contrast.

Second Kataphron Battle Servitor is ready to enter the army. Instead of the Breacher weapon I have chosen one of the energized weapons.

The third Servitor is not ready yet but will look the same.

Oversized Ogryn Battle Servitor. The conversion was done with an old white metal WHF giant together with parts from a Dreadnought.

I had this guy standing for years on my paintstation. Now was the perfect time to paint him and integrate him into the Mechanicus army.

Inspired by a conversion shown in the rulebook of „Inquisitor“ (who can remember this game). This is my Magos Enginseer which I converted from the lower part of a FW Scyllax Guardian Automata, alternative head from the Tech Priest Dominus and some arms and weapon from the Kataphron Servitors and the Dunecrawler.

Here you see the other two boards I built last year. The righthand one with the buildings on it is my last years winning AoP board together with my Ork army. The lefthand board with the Landing pad was built in addition to form a battlefield. Now this years board is ment to be attached on the left side.

What do you think? Tell me and leave a comment...