The Callidus Assassin is a strange assassin. Able to take a Polymorphine drug that allows her to change her physical appearance by using her own will power. Even though it's science fiction it's pretty far fetched. Still, it's a really dynamic model in her natural form. More pictures after the jump. 

I felt like painting her to match my army of the Imperium units, so her weapons are red with glowing blue power. Straps are a purple colour and the lenses are blue. This really helps tie in all my units nicely. I also went one step further and painted her with blonde hair because a few of my Blood Angel models have blonde hair, so visually it's another tie. That and we all know blondes have more fun.

Hope you all enjoyed my Callidus model. She's absolutely tiny, but I feel my paint job really stands up to scrutiny of these large pictures, so I'm pretty happy.