Hey folks! It's Uruk – long time no see. Today I present you something in the spirit of GW's latest releases – a quite big Tau Empire suit collection I painted up for a friend some time ago.

The commission consists of a trio of XV104 Riptide battlesuits as well as two full units of Broadsides along with their drones. I used a desert scheme for most of them (I find it very fitting for Tau models, even more than GW's usual ochre tones) but decided to break the monotony by painting one of the Riptides in Farsight Enclave colors.

I also started up a unit of Crisis bodyguards lead by Farsight himself, but never got to finish them up unfortunately. 

Painting another race was definitely a nice change, especially since Chaos and Tau have a completely different style of design. I had to break my usual „drybrush the power armor for worn look” routine for a cleaner and more mechanic finish (the amount of hard edges on those guys, omg). 


I hope you like this little change and maybe even find it useful or inspiring :)