Hey folks, Uruk here with a continuation of the Armies on Parade topic from last time.  Today I'm going to show you my parade board in all its glory. See you after the jump.

I wanted to keep the board faily simple in shape to leave as much space for the models as possible. On the other hand, I also wanted to pack maximum detail to merge everything together smoothly.

As I wrote in the last post, I went with a ruined city which compliments my models' bases. Whole construction was made using foam board and styrofoam to make it as lightweight as possible.I built three buildings in the corners of the board, using plaster recasts of GW's Imperial City I got from a friend. Then I textured all styrofoam and foam board parts with filler putty and added all the rubble and debris. I used up some of my bits (wrecked beyond salvation by previous owners - ebay finds) to give  the board more character and detail. To finish everything off I decided to add some water effects – I've never done that before and really wanted to try. So I made a simple cascade running down from one of the pipes and a pool below it. First I wanted to just make it look sewer-like, with dark and dirty water, but in the end I went with a stream of blood pumping out of the pipe. I really like the effect, but couldn't quite capture the real look on the pictures unfortunately. Hope it looks good enough for you :)

As for the army itself, I decided to bring an aggressive World Eaters spearhead, lead by two Lords on Juggernauts accompanied by units of bikers and Flesh Hounds. I then added the trio of Blood Slaughterers and my centerpiece – the Khorne Lord of Skulls. To fill the board up, I took some infantry (Berzerkers were of course a natural choice) and finished the whole thing up with acontroversial conversion I made some time ago – a World Eaters themed Vindicare Assassin. He was quite popular among the visitors ;)

Hope you enjoy! See you next time.