I'm really happy with the finished Eversor Assassin. I love the contrast between his red weapons and armour and his dark blue skin suit. I'm pleased with the glowing blue areas. I think the glowing blue eyes shows he fights for good. Red eyes have an evil connotation. More pictures after the jump. 

These pictures are quite large and I think my paint job holds up quite well to close scrutiny. This new found love or taking my time and trying to do the best I can is partly attributed to following Stahly's work ethic for the past few years. 

I think I pride myself on my photography more than my painting now. I've been looking at ways to improve my photography quality recently and I've discovered Luminance in the image editing software. I've always found my DSLR Canon 7D to be a bit grainy and noisy. Luminance goes such a long way to reducing that noise. 

So, one more Assassin left to paint. I think I'll try to finish it by next week. Watch this space.