While my Avatar is waiting for his transfers to show up in the post, I started working on this Dark Eldar Haemonculus. I haven't painted something for my Dark Eldar collection in a while, and when the new Dark Eldar models were released, I knew I had to get this sculpt. It's stunning. It draws a lot of inspiration from Urien Rakarth and the Finecast Haemonculus, but takes it to a new level. It's so 3D and consists of so many different layers, yet it's also the most difficult model to assemble of this size I've ever worked with.

It's so frail and delicate, I've put it on a 32mm base to prevent it from toppling over. Yet I managed to snap off and lose a piece, so I had to rebuild some areas (won't tell you which lol). GW is definately moving away from gaming pieces to collector pieces. It also shows on the recent Mechanicus and Skitarii models, which fall apart if you give them a mean glance. While I count myself as a collector more than a gamer, I think with GW's skills of making plastic miniatures they should be able to design cool models that stand the stress of gaming. What do you think?