Continuing on from the part 1 of this WIP blog is the second part of the project. I now have a time frame to roughly work towards for this project as I intend to use the army for the next 40k Campaign Weekend at Warhammer World which is scheduled for the latter part of the first quarter of 2016. So I need, realistically to be ready to battle by the end of Jan. 3 months for 2000 points (and a bit) seems reasonably achievable!

This week I have been focussing on the Knight thats required in the formation. I have a bit of experience with Knights of course. This one is the FW variant Questoris Knight Styrix which is a Heresy Era 30K Knight, that I'll be using in 40K because its cool. The weapons will simply "counts as" the regular Thermal Lance and Knight Reaper Chainsword equipped Knight Errant.

He is not that far from completion now, some basing, the claw hand and some more detailing and he can join the ranks of this army as the first one completed

Enjoy the WIP's!