Hey there everyone, FruitBear here! Hope everyone has been well and enjoying the Christmas festivities! Since the colour red is associated with Christmas it brings me to this post of two Blood Angels Chaplains that I did some years ago. So this post is kinda a throwback post.

When I first saw these two models I really wanted to get my hands on them and paint them up as Blood Angels. The Terminator Chaplain was the first metal miniature I've painted followed by the Chaplain with a jump pack.

I wanted to do some really ambitious things with the terminator to do it justice so there were a lot of things I did for the first time. It was my first time doing freehand lettering and using greenstuff as you can see there are some sculpted blood droplets around the miniature. I even sculpted the rocks on the base using wood putty. I wouldn't recommend that as the smell is really intense and not good for you so it was my first and last time using it.

I really wanted to focus a lot on the scroll work so I put a lot of attention to it as well as painting the skull helm. I also wanted to give glow effects a try and was really happy with the result. If you look really closely there are patterns painted on the Chaplain's storm bolter. This miniature was really important in the progression of my painting and gave me the confidence to keep on going.

This Chaplain miniature is just a really cool and timeless piece. The aims for this miniature were the same as the Terminator Chaplain. This time round it was much easier for me as I've done them before. I've been meaning to get the finecast version and paint him as a Raven Guard but let's see what the future holds.

Really hope you all like these two miniatures! Until the next post take care and have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

FruitBear Out!