I've finished the monotonous model, huzzah! After the jump check out some more angles of this Dark Angel Drop Pod and discover which unit will ride to battle inside.

Oddly, the Drop Pod only comes with 4 Chapter icons for the 5 doors. So I've used an Aquila symbol for one door. For the Chapter Icons I painted them on red discs just to add a touch of colour to this model. I did consider painting hazard stripes on the fins but they don't feature anywhere else in my army of the Imperium project so I decided against it.  

Inside it's a dirty metal with a glowing blue computer orb in the centre. The missile system has been painted with a red casing to match the rest of the army.

This pod has been painted up to deliver my Tactical Squad from Dark Vengeance into battle. I'm really happy with how well the squad looks with it's transport. 

Completing the Drop Pod is another unit complete from my old Space Marine Megaforce. I sold the Land Speeder Storm and Captain from the set so I actually just have some 20 Space Marines and 5 scouts left. I think I'll use 5 marines and some heavy weapons spares to add a Devastator Squad to my  Dark Angels. Watch this space.