Hi folks, my name is Rafael and I’m a miniature painter from Minimanie. Thanks to Stahly and the rest of the Tale of Painter crew for allowing me to share my work with you.  I’m very honored, because I followToP/Stahly's Paint Station for many years.

About me: I’m in the hobby since 1996, and all started with Warhammer Fantasy. But I wasn’t a player, I just was interested in miniature painting, which hasn’t changed until now. I don’t collect miniatures, I just enjoy the process of painting. So I’m happy when I can finish one project and move to the next. As a commission painter, I love the variety that different projects bring. That’s what I feel most comfortable with at the moment. I paint miniatures of every description and any company, mostly single miniatures, small troops and vehicles.

Since 2011 I paint under the pseudonym „Minimanie“. On Facebook I'm posting WIP stuff, small tutorials and finished work. Most of the time I paint for private customers, for Freebooter Miniatures, and a painting studio in my home town.

The four Assassins were painted for a private customer. He requested a similar paintjob as Games Workshop did. I was quite happy, because I love Games Workshop’s painting style.

First I started to paint the Callidus, the easiest character to paint. Second one was the Culexus Assassin. I added some OSL on the Culexus body armour. This gave the character more personality and looked very cool. Same thing on the Vindicare Assassin. I painted him just as GW as well, but changed one little detail. I painted the silencer as dark as the weapon. It makes sense to me, because no sharpshooter in the world has shinny polished parts on his weapon. The fourth and last Assassin was the Eversor. Here I changed his eye colour from blue to red. I felt that this gave him a more aggressive touch. It was a lot of fun to paint this four assassins and my customer liked them too. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Thanks for reading and watching!
Best regards