Hey all, Merry Christmas. Today is a bit of a quick update on a Blood Angels army I am painting and it's a lot of hard work due to how many models I am working on.
I have counted about 70 odd. But it's going well and hopefully I can have this finished by the end of Christmas. Hopefully.

The first thing I have to point out is a comment made by a reader of Tale of Painters who asked me a few posts ago why I glued the guns on the marines. At the time I replied as it makes painting easier. I couldn't be more wrong. Never glue the guns on until you have painted the marines. The instructions never mention doing this, but leaving the guns will save you a lot of time and stress. I have just spent up to about 30 plus hours blacking in the guns and painting scrolls etc with almost surgical sweat induced precision not to mess up the red of the model. It really was that much work and was very tiring to do.

Next up I have some Terminators. These guys where a lot quicker to work on as the models are quite simple in pose. In all The first 40 odd models are moving a good speed and hopefully in my next post they should be finished. What are you guys hoping for this Christmas? I have my fingers crossed that I may get either some Marines to start a Imperial Fist army, some X-Wing models or some Advanced D&D books.