Another squad is completed and joins my army of the Imperium. This time it's a squad of Dark Angel Devastators. More angles after the jump. 

The weapon load out on the squad isn't all that exciting, but I think the storm bolter, heavy bolters and frag missiles should help soften up horde targets. It's a cheap squad, not many points so shouldn't draw much attention form the enemy. 

I freehanded all the shoulder icons. I'm really happy with how they came out. The Chapter icons are actually really simple. It's just semi-circles and rectangles. Check out the pic below to see how I painted them.

Finally here is the picture of their backs. I really love my small collection of Dark Angels. I'm also really enjoying taking my time painting and not rushing units through just to complete an army. I might be working on my second Imperial Knight next. Let's see if I can muster the courage to start it. Starting a project can be the hardest part sometimes.