Hi everyone, it's Amy here again with another addition to my Ogre showcase, this time it is two of the Maneater models I have completed, the Paymaster and Ninja Maneaters! Click to view more!

I think the Maneater models are really nice and detailed models, I love how unique each one is too. I have bought all of them and have so far completed two of them, the Paymaster and Ninja.

The Paymaster is probably my favourite Maneater model, I think he looks really cool and quite menacing too. I also really like the Gnoblar on his shoulder too, it is little details like this which is one of the reasons why I love the Ogre models!

​The Ninja Maneater was also a very cool model to paint! I love the Ninja Gnoblar too, I thought the ice theme of my bases would go pretty well with his pose too as if the Gnoblar has either broken apart the ice with his weapon or become lodged in the ice, it works either way you look at it!

​I also again used some chipping techniques and Blood for the Blood God on his machete.

Which of the Maneater models is your favourite and why, let me know in the comments!