Hello everybody, Banzai1000 is back with best wishes for the new year and he first models for this year's Armies on Parade project of mine. Interested? Click to find out more.

This Carnosaurus was a christmas present of 2014! Now, one year later, I finally had the time and motivation to paint it and to create a base. For the main colors I chose violet, orange and turquoise. It was also the model that gave me the idea of building up a small army for my this year Armies on Parade.

I used this model to reassert myself of the colors I wanted to use for the whole army. The golden parts were done with Retributor Gold, Reikland Flesh, Liberator Gold and Silver.

This is the first of five Saurus Knights I will paint. As you an see, it is colour-wise a lesser "variant" of the Carnosaurus to keep within the colour scheme.

I painted this model a while ago and rebased it with a roundbase. All the wooden stuff on the base is natural material.

What do you think and what is your project of the year? And has anybody a good solution for modelling larger amounts of water (for my display board)?